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On the scenic hill town of Ooty, the luxury farmhouse structure is precariously perched off a bedrock cliff to heighten one's experience of the landscape. The rustic retreat farmhouse requires a structurally sound exoskeleton anchored to the cliff. The linear form connects all the spaces horizontally, opening out to the view facing deck with a pool.

The design aims to make the structure transparent by providing minimum surface area and large open-out windows, merging the indoors into the outdoors. Contemporary steel structure integrated with stone available on site allows the structure to seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

Along with the main structure the client required a private gazebo with workspace. The gazebo is designed as a sculptural form, seen as to be floating amid the Ooty mists. The truss structure forms an envelope, with the rest enclosed with glass frames. The volume of the office space is brought down by layering pendant lights at different heights.


Amara Niligiris, Ooty

BuiltUp area

12,000 sqft.

Plot area

30,000 sqft.



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