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'Trees are your best antiques'- Alexander Smith.

Such is the underlying theme of Rashmi and Sandeep Mallya's residence, its design having evolved around the silver oak trees on site.

The open, semi-open and closed spaces are dictated by the existing silver oak trees. The design is woven around these trees to bring them into the house to articulate the living space.

At the entrance is the generous gesture of a large portico, with an entrance door detailed to let light into the foyer. A court, around an existing tree, between the living and dining spaces retains a visual connectivity as well as demarcates the spaces.

The design sought to exploit the natural beauty of this dense silver oak plantation with the use of large openings and step outs on to the wooden deck. Trees are indeed, our best antiques.



Year of completion


BuiltUp area

3,300 sqft.

Plot area

10,000 sqft.



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