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Nestled in the Nilgiris valley of Tamil Nadu, The Courtyard has been designed as a holiday home to blend into the natural steep terrain of the valley. 


Given the steep terrain the house was split into 3 structures to create a courtyard that includes the existing trees. The courtyard would also double-up as the outdoor-dining, outdoor theatre and as a play area for the kids.


Interconnected with pathways and steps, the three villa units are designed to reside on the sloping terrain at different levels overlooking the valley.


The three units have been designed to minimize wall area and by providing large open-out windows, the structure feels boundless. The interiors have a modern rustic finish and exposed metal framework.


Amara Niligiris, Bengal Mattam

BuiltUp area

9,900 sqft.

Plot area

20,000 sqft.



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